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Becoming a Star Speaker

Author: Alena Zachery-Ross, CEO of AZRLeads


Do you feel like you are out of your element? Do you wonder if speaking is right for you? Well, I had feelings of doubt, was unsure of my abilities, and experienced imposter syndrome when I first began. I am happy to share these (3) strategies to becoming a star speaker. First, clearly understand who you are- what is your true identity? Next, know your purpose- what are you here on earth to do? Lastly, recognize that you are a star and be relentless in sharing your gifts with the world. 


Identity-When people think about their identity, many reflect on what others expect them to be. To be a star speaker, one must understand who they are at the core. What do you believe and value? Many people were wearing masks, even before the pandemic. To be a speaker, one must be authentic; this does not happen until one recognizes their talents, gifts, and passion. Understanding one’s identity allows the walls and barriers to be removed and connects the speaker to the audience. 


 Purpose- What have you been put on this earth to do? Yes, what is it that only you can contribute to this world? I say, knowing your purpose requires understanding your mission, burning desire, and deep passion. Once you know your purpose, it is essential to speak on topics related directly to this purpose. When you are clear about your purpose, research, read and focus on that area, and soon, you will become the expert in your field. 


Relentless- The speaking industry is tough. A large number of individuals have pivoted to this profession as virtual opportunities have increased. You will need to be persistent and have the fortitude to ensure that you share your gifts on as many stages as possible. You may not begin on the “big stage”; however, be BIG on any stage that you land. Remember, you are a STAR!

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